What Makes A Pro Player

We are super confident, we want to scare people. We are doing it to get into other people’s heads. – We are kind of. Which I do not think is a bad thing. We are here to win. I do not know; confidence and cockiness, it is good to have a little bit of both. But too much of anything is going to hurt you.

Except winning. Too much winning. No, even too, yeah, the top team’s going to keep winning until they do not know how to get better and then they fall. Yeah. You learn a lot from losing. That is true. Scheduling the flights was awesome, man. After winning the series against Boston College, scheduling the flights was an exciting experience. I was like oh, my God, this is real; we are actually doing this. It is a real cool experience, man.

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A little bit of nerves, but mostly just really excited to get here and hopefully perform. Actually at the airport was the first time I met Kure. We had never met before. We had always been online.

We were supposed to meet up at a UTA LAN but I do not know what happened, but you did not show up. -I am too busy, man. – He is just too busy doing his debate team or whatever. Sending us Starbucks. Just like I am ready for this. My name is Andrew Rodrigues. I am also known by MIST. I go to University of Texas at Arlington. Growing up I was playing soccer because my dad was a big soccer player back in the day. Until my sister started dating her now husband.

He was a hockey player and he was playing for the high school team. And we would go out to his games and he got to hit people. And I thought that was really cool. In soccer, you cannot hit people. I mean you can, but you will get carded for it or something like that. I took skating lessons that year and then was right on the ice the next year and been playing ever since.

I have always loved playing defense. I was never a big goal scorer. I do not want all the glory of scoring goals. But I will do the nitty-gritty work to keep the puck out of my own net so that my guys can go and score and do their part. When I am on the ice in ice hockey, nothing else in the world matters. I am there; everything else in the world is tuned out.

I forget about school; I forget about my friends; I forget about everything except me and my teammates; that is all I care about. And this transfers over with gaming.

When I am in my video game playing a game I am laser sharp focus. All that matters is winning the game and working with my team to accomplish a similar goal. Gamers today can come in all shapes and sizes. I think that is proven by MIST.