Professional Gaming Streaming

Scenery, audio, video, lighting and then all the broadcast production also. Video trucks and all the infrastructure that we need to broadcast the show. – Are we going to have a label out here so people know what this is? – Yes. This will have a monitor with facts. – And then their facts, right? – So we have some cool facts about like how many processing GPU calculations. -Yeah. – We have over a thousand GPU cores as part of this system. -Dude, that is crazy. – We have the real stats on all that. – That is pretty awesome. -So like we have all that. We have a pretty extensive video server and media server system that supports all the new US Casinos Guide. Twelve custom extremely high end video servers that run just the set system.

We run about 70 HD outputs of video and that all has to tie into the game and the game servers to make sure it is all smooth and seamless and accurate. In total, we have about 150 computer or servers that run this show. After the load and labor leaves, we are about 125 to run the show production. The crews come in and build even before that, the casters are doing pre-shows at the ESPN studio. I come in a few days before, but I have been studying talking to casters, talking to players for a month before. So all of this at Heroes of the Dorm 2016 was a culmination of so many people Hundreds and hundred of people. All for the major group at Blizzard. eSports, events, marketing, corporate alliances, production, broadcast. Practicing, preparing and making this event happen. Definitely a dark horse going into this one. My team really does not have the experience that I do in the competitive setting.

That gives me a little bit of a disadvantage. But I think if we are able to work around that, I think we should be able to do well. They are totally just this team that has amazing heart. They started just wanting to get to the Run of 64 so that they could get the free skin. And then all of a sudden, they were here in the Heroic Four teams. That is just crazy. They did not expect that. Nobody expected that. Their bracket was so crazy. It had a lot of really great teams in it. When they started, it was really riding on Roflcopter’s play and they still are. But they have gotten to a point now where there are a lot more playmakers. We are definitely the underdogs here. UTA and ASU have been talking a lot of crap. If we are able to beat them, I think it will definitely validate us as players. And especially for myself, too because it is such a great like stepping board to go in to professional scene. Mike’s Place Market is pretty nice; I like the atmosphere. People are pretty cool. Catching the fish was awesome.