A Mental Warfare

Got that hand- eye coordination. eSports. We are just friends; we did it for fun. I do not think New York of them have any plans on being pro. Our biggest competition is probably ASU. First game we play Saturday and then if we can beat them we can probably beat anybody. Whoever else is next, right? – Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. – I think I found it, guys. -Probably a real (UNCLEAR). UConn, DanLeefor3, great player likes his plays almost any role I can think of. Same situation that we are in where we only have one professional player that has the experience. Yeah. Want to prove myself and prove to others that I can be top tier, top talent. I have that competitive spirit to try to be number one And I think that is the driving force behind it. Dude, we are at Heroes of the Dorm; our team made it; it feels so good. I made it to the final four.

We are playing UConn tomorrow. I am really excited about it. Feeling confident. And then we are going to play the winner of Tennessee versus UTA. We are thinking it will be UTA, but we would love to see an upset. Our life here in Seattle has been really busy. We are getting up at nine o’clock and just go, go, go, go, go. All day we have back-to-back interviews all the time. I went to college right after high school and I have been playing. It is definitely possible. If you want to try hard enough, anything is possible. You just have to want it enough. If you do not want a girlfriend or a social life. That is the honest answer; there are like three of them. You can choose a social life, eSports, and school; you choose two. It is hard to find time to practice in there because always in the back our mind We are thinking we need to practice; we need to get warmed up. We need to do all these things. We need to focus on draft.

This is the only free time we are going to have and then we are straight into tournament mode. Maybe a little extra time tonight after we practice to grab some dinner or something. But other than that, it is all business. First time in Seattle. I love it. It is so hipster. I walk around and I feel like there are hipsters everywhere Which I think is cool. We are kind of the villain. The teams think we are super confident Super arrogant. We are; we are a confident team. The stuff we say, we do think we are the best team. But everyone has to have that mindset going into it. The game does not start when you load into the Nexus or when you start drafting up on stage. The game starts when you show up Thursday. And we have just been going at it. We have been in mental warfare with all the other teams.